Lotus Pays Tribute To Award Winning Racers With Special Exige Cups

Both models have a supercharged 3.5-liter V6 with 430 hp.

New Lotus Esprit Study Envisions The Brand’s 2020 Flagship Supercar

Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales has confirmed that his company is working on a new flagship model.

This 1962 Elite Super 95 Was How Lotus Paid F1 Legend Jim Clark

The car that served as payment to Clark is coming up for auction at RM Sotheby’s.

Two-Tone Lotus Evora GT430 Turns Is An Unlikely Head-Turner

The Evora GT430 is the most powerful road-legal Lotus ever made, and will be limited to 60 units.

Lotus Chief Jean-Marc Gales Leaves Company “For Personal Reasons”

Former PSA exec leaves Lotus, Geely appoints Feng Qingfeng as company’s new Global Chief Executive Officer.

Dropping A BMW V10 Into A Lotus Elise Sounds Like The Stuff Of Legends

This stretched Lotus looks like a Hennessey Venom, only it has a BMW V10 and it was built by a single man.

Lotus Boss Confirms Pair Of New Sports Cars, New Flagship To Arrive In 2020

Lotus will launch a modern-day Esprit in 2020 according to Jean-Marc Gales.

Lotus Exige Sport 410 Rockets From 0-60 MPH In 3.3 Seconds

Lotus’ new Exige Sport 410 is the lightest V6-powered Exige ever created.

Volvo Polestar’s Team Cyan Is Racing A Lotus Evora This Season (That’s Right, A Lotus)

The synergies between Gothenburg and Hethel race through Geely headquarters in China.

Lotus Expects Its Upcoming SUV To Push It Into The Luxury Market

Hethel’s first-ever crossover will significantly increase its clientele, especially in the Chinese market.

Colin Chapman’s Son Takes Delivery Of A New Lotus Evora GT410 Sport

Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales personally delivered this new Evora GT410 Sport to Clive Chapman.

This Lotus Omega Literally Begs To Be Imported In The US

US roads deserve to be punished by more Lotus Omegas.