2020 Porsche Taycan Will Be Able To Stream Apple Music Wirelessly

Unlike other cars, Taycan owners won’t have to plug in their phone to get access to CarPlay.

This Is Why BMW Charges $80 A Year For Apple CarPlay

BMW owners can lock in Apple CarPlay for 20 years with a one-off $300 fee.

Apple Patents Steer-By-Wire System For Autonomous Cars

While building its own autonomous vehicle seems unlikely, Apple is very interested in developing systems that’ll be used by other manufacturers.

Tesla Wants Apple’s Help In Lawsuit Against Employee Who Went To Xpeng

Tesla state a former engineer stole documents related to the company’s self-driving systems.

Apple Confirms Purchase Of Autonomous Start Up Drive.AI

The technology giant wanted to bring aboard Drive.AI’s engineering talent.

Hot Wheels’ Latest Cars Can Be Raced On- And Offline

The cars cost $6.95 and can be raced on physical tracks or in the digital world.

Apple Said To Be In Talks To Buy Autonomous Driving Startup Drive.ai

Apple said to be primarily interested in Drive.ai’s engineering talent rather than its technology .

Apple Reportedly Bid To Buy Tesla Back In 2013

Apple reportedly made a bid for Tesla at roughly $240 a share, more than the company is currently worth.

Apple CarPlay And Amazon Alexa Now Available For 2018 Camry, 2018 Sienna

The carmaker will notify 2018 Camry and 2018 Sienna owners about the availability of Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa.

Apple Secures Patent That Uses Facial Recognition To Unlock Vehicles

First implemented on the iPhone X, the facial recognition unlocking tech could eventually make it into cars.

Apple’s Autonomous Vehicles Travel Just 1.1 Miles Between Disengagements

Mercedes only clocked 1.5 miles between disengagements.

Apple Cuts 200 Employees From Project Titan Autonomous Car Division

Apple says the job cuts form part a restructuring plan.