Carlex Helps Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro Become A Tattoo Limited Edition Model

This Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro features a heavily customized interior and a tattoo-liveried exterior.

Mercedes-Maybach Aurum Edition By Carlex Is Proof That Rich People Love Gold

This V12-powered Mercedes-Maybach S650’s interior can be infused with either rose gold or yellow gold.

Merc’s X-Class Gets An Attitude Adjustment – And Is Much Better For It

Loaded with off-road components, this X-Class is ready to tackle any terrain it may encounter.

Alpine A110 Gains Premium Interior Courtesy Of Carlex Design

This A110 is rocking white leather on the seats, dashboard and center console, making the spartan cabin more pleasant .

Pickup Design Creates The Perfect Bike Rack For The Mercedes X-Class

The stylish rack comes with an appropriately, for a Benz, steep price – namely, $5.6k.

Thoughts On This Tuner-Customized McLaren 720S Interior?

It’s all leather and Alcantara inside this bright red McLaren 720S supercar.

This Nissan GT-R’s Unique Cabin Comes Courtesy Of Carlex Design

The cabin of this Nissan GT-R features blood red leather with black inserts, ambient lighting and plenty more.

Carlex Design’s Mercedes X-Class Will Make You Forget You’re Driving A Pickup

Brown and white leather makes this Mercedes-Benz X-Class a very luxurious pickup.

Maserati Levante Interior Dialed Up To ‘Glamorous’ By Carlex

The tuner has given the Maserati Levante a leathery makeover.

Carlex Design Builds Highly Luxurious Porsche Macan Interior

The custom cabin now features rose gold plated elements, Nappa leather, an elegant quilt pattern and black Alcantara.

Carlex Design’s Exy Monster X Concept Is The Meanest, Most Eccentric X-Class Yet

Not the first Mercedes X-Class 6×6 build teased by the Polish tuner, but definitely the most striking yet.

What Do You Think Of This Ford Focus RS’ Interior Makeover?

Black leather, more leather and even more leather, sprinkled with some leather – this is Carlex’s idea of how the outgoing Ford Focus RS’s cabin should look like.