2004 Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale Is As Visceral As It Gets

The 360 Challenge Stradale is powered by a 419 HP, naturally aspirated V8 that sounds mental.

Watch In Horror As A Ferrari 360 Spider Is Crushed In The Philippines

This Ferrari was declared to be not a whole car but a list of auto parts in order to avoid paying the proper taxes.

Live Out Your Ferrari Manual Fantasies With This 360 Modena

The Ferrari 360 Modena has a 3.6-liter screaming V8 with a glorious gated shifter.

Buying A Ferrari 360 Spider With A Salvage Title Doesn’t Sound Like A Wise Choice

The Italian mid-engine supercar has a lot of issues, raising the question if they can be fixed without going broke.

Ferrari’s New Premium Program Takes Care Of And Certifies Maintenance In Older Models

Ferrari’s new program is aimed at the 360, 612, F430, 456, 550, 575, 599 and Enzo.

Manual 360 Modena Is Probably The Best Way To Get Into Ferrari Ownership

Fancy a relatively modern supercar with a manual ‘box? Then take a look at this 360 Modena.

Florida Man Drives Ferrari 360 Into A Lake Because… Jesus Told Him To?

The statements of this man who willingly sank his 360 Modena are a little strange…

Ferrari 360 Crashes While Racing Ferrari F50 That Cut It Off In Japan

The two Italian exotics caused a 12 km long traffic jam on the Tohoku Expressway in the Saitama Prefecture.

Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale Driven Daily, Racks Up 70k Miles

It might be old, but hardcore Ferraris don’t get more visceral than the 360 Challenge Stradale.

For $250k, Which Of These Hardcore V8 Ferraris Would You Choose?

RM Sotheby’s has a pair of silver Ferraris coming up for auction: one 360 Challenge Stradale, and one 430 Scuderia.

Low-Mileage Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale Selling For £139,950 [w/Video]

This Rosso Scuderia Red example is probably the cheapest 360 Challenge Stradale out there .

Ferrari 360 Stretch Limo Fails To Sell On eBay

Somehow, we’re not surprised that this insult to Ferrari’s history didn’t find a buyer.