Haas Want Kubica As Test/Simulator Driver For 2020 Season

Williams’ Robert Kubica has already announced that he will leave his team at the end of this year.

Haas Keeping Both Grosjean And Magnussen For Next Season

By re-signing Grosjean, Haas will be fielding the same driver lineup for a fourth straight year.

Haas Torn Between Keeping Grosjean Or Signing Hulkenberg

Haas F1 team boss Gunther Steiner says choosing next year’s driver lineup has proven difficult.

Esteban Ocon Rumored To Replace Nico Hulkenberg At Renault In 2020

Meanwhile, Hulkenberg could find a new home with Haas if the U.S. team decides not to retain Romain Grosjean .

Lewis Hamilton Says F1 Midfield Now Within Half A Second Of Top Three

Formula 1 reigning world champion expects the mid-level teams to have closed the gap to Merc, Ferrari and RBR.

Check Out These Awesome Alternate F1 Liveries For 2019

This year’s F1 grid will look very much like last year’s with only a couple of exceptions.

Haas Unveils VF-19 Formula 1 Car And Brand New Livery

Haas is now wearing the black and gold colors of its new title sponsor, Rich Energy.

Haas Signs Emerson Fittipaldi’s Grandson, Pietro, As Test Driver

The 22-year old will test the VF-18 in Abu Dhabi this year, and continue into 2019 as a test driver.

Haas F1 Team Boss Accuses Renault Of Sour Grapes Syndrome

Haas team principal Gunther Steiner thinks Renault will “try anything” other than actually focus on getting better in the fight for fourth place.

Haas F1 Team Keeping Both Grosjean And Magnussen For 2019

F1’s only American outfit will retain its current driver lineup for next season.

FIA Stops Driver From Racing With Trump’s “Make America Great Again” Stickers

A Haas junior driver wanted to run with Trump’s election slogan on his car, but the FIA disagreed .

Rival F1 Teams Claim Ferrari Is Helping Haas More Than The Regs Allow

Force India and McLaren think Haas’ relationship with Ferrari is perhaps too close.