Nissan And Mitsubishi New Dayz And eK Kei Cars Get Semi-Autonomous Tech

The jointly developed kei cars will be offered with a CVT transmission and optional all-wheel drive.

Nissan’s 2020 Dayz Kei Car Makes A Surprise Appearance In Europe

Test cars of the next-generation Nissan Dayz kei car were spotted in Spain.

Daihatsu Copen GR Sport Study Gains Gazoo Racing’s Stamp Of Approval

Toyota Gazoo Racing helped Daihatsu build the hottest Copen yet, though it’s still a concept.

Mugen Tricks Out New Honda CR-V, Insight And N-Van Too

Mugen’s styling accessories give more attitude to Japan’s popular Honda models.

Suzuki Turns New Jimny Into A Mini Pickup Truck

A Suzuki Jimny pickup would make little practical sense but who wouldn’t want one?.

Honda S660 Modulo Neo Classic Racer Is The Retro Kei Car We Never Knew We Wanted

Who cares it only packs a 0.66-liter three-cylinder engine, this thing looks absolutely bonkers.

Honda S660 Trad Leather Edition Is Another Reason To Like The Tiny Roadster

As with all Honda S660 models, the new special edition debuting at the Tokyo Auto Salon is only available in Japan.

Long-Awaited Daihatsu Copen Coupe Is Real And It Packs An LSD

It will launch next year in Japan in a limited production run of only 200 units.

Honda Puts S660 Neo Classic Body Kit Into Production, But You Can’t Have It Outside Japan

The retro-styled kit completely transforms the S660 but it’s quite expensive.

This Must Be The Most Epic Save We’ve Ever Seen At The Nürburgring!

This driver seems to defy the laws of physics by avoiding what looked like an inevitable accident.

Mazda’s Autozam AZ-1 Was The Supercar Of Kei Cars

The mid-engined, rear-wheel drive kei car visited Jay Leno’s garage, and it makes for an interesting video.

Suzuki Has Sold HOW MANY Of These Tiny Minivans In Japan?

We’ll give you a hint: count all the 911s that Porsche has ever sold around the world, then multiply that figure by three.