Kia’s New EV Concept Mocks Display Overload Trend With… 21 Screens!

Huge screens are taking over new cars’ dashboards – and Kia is making fun with an OTT layout.

Kia’s New Electric Concept Promises Futuristic Looks And Lots Of Performance

The electric concept is, according to VP of design, meant to “make your heart beat faster”.

New Kia Crossover Spotted Testing, Looks Like The Production Version Of SP Concept

The production version of the Kia SP Concept will most likely be named Tusker.

Kia DUBs Out At SEMA With K900 And Stinger GT Concepts

Besides the two DUB concepts, Kia showed a customized Forte Federation with an aftermarket body kit.

Kia Continues To Tease The 2020 Telluride With Four New Off-Road Concepts

The 2020 Kia Telluride will debut in production form at the North American International Auto Show.

Aggressively-Styled Kia Stinger GT And K900 Heading To SEMA

Both cars have been made in collaboration with DUB, and will be joined by other custom Kia vehicles in Las Vegas.

2020 Kia Telluride Officially Revealed Through Customized Version

The all-new Kia Telluride has made a surprise debut at New York Fashion Week.

Kia Symphony Concept Is A Design We Could All Get Behind

The Kia Symphony is a render depicting a futuristic race car, possibly electric.

Kia YI PAO Urban SUV And K5 PHEV Join The Brand’s Chinese Menu

Kia has rebadged the Stonic and will sell it as the YI PAO in China.

Production Kia Telluride SUV Will Reportedly Resemble The Concept

The road-going three-row SUV will sport the same boxy shape and styling as the striking concept car.

Road-Going Kia Proceed Shooting Brake May Debut In Paris

The Kia Proceed Shooting Brake stunned at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

Kia SP Concept Arrives At Auto Expo To Preview Production Model

After announcing the premiere of the new Ceed for the 2018 Geneva…