Lexus Is Open To Making An LFA Successor – If We Ask Nicely

The Japanese did an excellent job with the LFA, and even though it wasn’t a commercial success, are open to a sequel if they get enough requests .

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What Is Lexus Testing These LFA Widebody Mules For?

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You Can Still Get A Practically New Lexus LFA With Just 120 Miles

This LFA will be auctioned in Monterey later this month by RMSothebys.

Lexus Makes An LFA Art Car… Six Years After Production Ended

Lexus will showcase this unique LFA-based Art Car at the 24 Hours of Spa this weekend, over six and a half years since production ended.

Lexus LFA Loses Traction, Crashes In Singapore

Luckily, nobody was injured in this Lexus LFA accident.

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