Explore The New 148 HP Vauxhall Corsa GSi In 38 New Images

The Corsa GSi may be less powerful than other subcompact hot hatches, but at £18,995, it’s more affordable, too.

Truck Bumps Car Out Of The Way: Case Of Overlooking Or Purposely Getting Too Close?

According to the authorities, nobody was injured during this crash.

Got €20k To Spare? Then Take A Look At The 150 PS Opel Corsa GSi

Opel announces the sporty hatchback’s pricing in Germany and releases first image of its interior.

Next-Generation Opel Corsa To Get Dramatic Changes

You’re in for a treat if you like the Vauxhall/Opel Corsa.

New Vauxhall Corsa GSi Enters UK’s Warm-Hatch Market, Priced From £18,995

The new Vauxhall Corsa GSi will indirectly replace the faster VXR version .

Vauxhall Adds More Standard Tech And New Euro 6.2 Engines To Corsa Range

UK buyers can now order an updated Vauxhall Corsa from £11,250 for the entry-level Active spec.

Opel Teases New Concept, Will Develop Next-Generation Four-Cylinder Engine For PSA

The new four-cylinder engine will be used in PSA models for North America.

New Opel Corsa GSi Gets A 150PS 1.4L Turbo And OPC Chassis

The new Opel Corsa GSi needs 8.9sec to reach 100km/h (62mph) and will tap out at 207km/h (129mph).

Opel Confirms Full Electric Corsa Supermini For 2020

The battery-electric version of the new German supermini model will be produced in Spain.

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Black is the new chrome. Just look at all the automakers offering…

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The new Vauxhall Corsavan Limited Edition Nav wants to be a VXR,…

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