Out Of Control Bus Wrecks Havoc In The Philippines

The bus thankfully didn’t hit any pedestrians or motorists, so the only casualties were the vehicles.

Philippines’ Duterte Crushes Another 68 Luxury Cars Including Lambos, Porsches, BMWs And A Skyline

You may want to cover your eyes for this one as Philippines destroyed nearly $6 million worth of luxury cars .

Watch And Cringe As Philippines Crushes Rare BMW Z1, Renault 5 Turbo, Maserati And More

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte oversaw the destruction of a second batch of illegally imported luxury cars.

Philippine’s Duterte Crushes Smuggled Porsches, Corvettes, BMWs And Jags

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte had bulldozers destroy $1.2 million worth of smuggled…