2020 Rezvani Tank Is The World’s Most Powerful SUV

The bulletproof Tank Military Edition features a 1,000 hp engine, thermal night vision and EMP protection.

Rezvani Tank Lands in Macau Alongside Other Rare Machines

The top version of the Tank is powered by the 707 HP V8 used in the Charger and Challenger Hellcat.

2020 Rezvani Tank Is All-New, Will Have A Supercharged V8 With 1000+ HP

The upcoming Tank Military Edition will feature protection from electromagnetic pulses.

Rezvani Tank Stars Alongside Chris Hemsworth In Men in Black: International

The Hellcat-powered Tank is making its big screen debut.

Can’t Afford The Real Rezvani Tank? Buy This Scale Model Instead

Made by Swiss company DNA Collectibles, the Rezvani Tank scale model costs $161.

Rezvani Tank X Is A $260,000, Hellcat-Powered Beast

The Rezvani Tank X is as insane as off-roaders get.

Rezvani Tank Military Edition Is An Armored Beast With Optional Hellcat Power

The Hellcat engine option costs more than a brand-new Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.

Movie Cars Star In A Celeb-Heavy Jay Leno’s Garage Episode

Jamie Foxx, ex-Stig Ben Collins, and musician James Taylor all make an appearance in the episode.

Jamie Foxx Poses Alongside The Crazy Rezvani Tank

The crazy Rezvani Tank was only unveiled in October and it appears…

Rezvani Adds V6 To Its Wrangler-Based Tank, Priced From $146,000

Rezvani’s V8-powered Tank is getting ready to welcome a less powerful V6…

The Rezvani Tank Configurator Is Up So You Can Build Your Own Urban Assault Vehicle

Rezvani’s 2018 V8-powered Tank can now be configured and purchased online, with…

New Rezvani Tank Is A Rugged SUV With 500HP, Thermal Night Vision And Rear Suicide Doors

Meet Rezvani Motors’ first SUV: it’s called the ‘Tank’, which steps aside…