VW To Reshuffle $58 Billion Battery Deal Over Samsung Supply Concerns

The Korean supplier apparently can’t satisfy VW’s needs, so the latter is looking at other options.

FCA Tags Samsung And Google For Vehicle Connectivity Tech

Samsung’s Harman and the Android OS will power FCA’s global connected vehicle ecosystem.

Renault Samsung XM3 Inspire Concept Heralds South Korea’s 2020 Arkana

Essentially a rebadged Renault Arkana, the XM3 coupe SUV will enter production in Korea early next year.

Harman International Shows Fiat How To Build A Much Smarter 500e

While at it, the tech company also converted the electric city car into a cool-looking roadster.

The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance Saved $6.6 Billion Last Year Just By Cooperating

That’s “billion,” with a capital B – and just goes to show how beneficial the synergies are to the automakers in the Alliance.

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Samsung has announced a $300 million fund that will help to further…

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South Korea Building A Whole City Dedicated To Testing Autonomous Vehicles

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Samsung Gets Approval To Test Autonomous Cars In South Korea

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