Mini-Sponsored Survey Says Most Consumers Are Happy With 75-Mile EVs

Mini will unveil its first all-electric model before the end of the year.

IIHS Claims Rising U.S. Speed Limits Have Cost Over 37,000 Lives

A 5 mph increase in speed limit was associated with an 8 per cent increase in interstates’ fatality rate .

A Surprising Number Of Americans Resell Their Luxury Vehicle Within The First Year

More than 12 percent of new Mercedes C-Classes are resold with in the first year of ownership.

New Study Suggests 32 Percent Of Women Can Drive A Stick

Women loves cars just like men and 73 percent of them feel an emotional connection to their vehicle.

Study Says 68% Of Truck Owners Think Pickups Are Overpriced

17 per cent of current pickup truck owners say they won’t buy another pickup in the future.

Reports Of Waning Car Ownership Might Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

A new study has found out that financially independent millenials own more, not less, cars.

Nissan Altima Becomes Most Stolen New Car In America

The Altima was the most stolen new vehicle, but thieves still love the Honda Accord and Civic.

Meet The Cars That Took Forever To Leave Dealer Lots

Quite a few premium models were surprisingly difficult to move in 2017 and 2018.

Study Says Games And Movies Like GTA And Fast & Furious Gear Teens Up For Aggressive Driving

Meanwhile, others feel that movies and tv shows don’t explain the consequences of driving too fast.

Study Suggests Millennials Buck The Trend Of Trucks And SUVs

Of the 10 most popular vehicles driven by millennials, only two of them weren’t sedans.

These Are Some Of The World’s Most Popular Cars On Instagram

Perhaps all the Ford Mustang crashes make it so popular on Instagram….

Seven In 10 Americans Afraid To Ride In Fully-Autonomous Cars

Only one in five Americans would feel comfortable with their loved ones using a self-driving car.