Ford Thinks Its Co-Pilot360 Tech Will Silence Backseat Drivers

According to a recent study, 68% of drivers believe backseat driving behavior will go down thanks to semi-autonomous tech.

The Most Satisfying Automotive Brand In America Is Lexus

Lexus narrowly beat out Mercedes to take the top spot in ACSI’s study.

Will The Real Blue Oval Please Stand Up? “FORD” Stock Doesn’t Get You Ford Shares

Ford’s stock trades under the F name, but some investors are accidentally buying Forward Industries’ stock instead.

Over 20% Of Subaru WRX Owners Have Been Ticketed For Speeding

Think speeders drive Camaros and Mustangs? Think again.

Like The Dodge Challenger And Charger? You’re Not Alone, So Do Car Thieves

The BMW 3-Series had the lowest theft rate.

Consumers Still Aren’t Sold On Autonomous And Electric Vehicles

71% of consumers are worried about possible technical failures or glitches in autonomous vehicles.

Want Out Of A Speeding Ticket? Just Asking Might Be Enough

A new study says asking for forgiveness could get you out of a speeding ticket 41% of the time.

New Vehicle Satisfaction Improves As Mass Market Brands Close The Gap On Luxury Automakers

The Audi A7 was ranked the best vehicle overall, but Ford took home five class wins.

Study Shows Most People Believe Driver’s Ed Is Outdated And Tests Are Designed To Be Passed

According to the study, 28% of respondents said they spent less than 20 hours behind the wheel before taking their driving test.

Americans Holding Onto Their Vehicles For Longer, Average Model Is Now 11.8 Years Old

Montana has some of the oldest vehicles in the country with an average age of 16.6 years.

VW, FCA Could Face Big Emissions Fines In Europe Come 2021

A study anticipates that both the VW and FCA could face major penalties if they fail to meet EU emissions targets.

These Are The Most American-Made Vehicles Of 2019

Out of the top ten most American-made vehicles, Honda and Acura grabbed six spots.