These Are Britain’s Most Stolen And Recovered Vehicles In 2018

Premium car models are the most popular targets for thieves using keyless relay attacks.

The Winners And Losers Of J.D. Power’s 2019 Reliability Study

Porsche and Toyota finished both in second place while the 911 is the most dependable model.

7 Million Americans Are 3 Months Behind On Their Car Loans; Does That Spell Trouble Ahead?

This is a record number that could end up having a negative impact on the economy.

Cold Weather Can Almost Halve Battery Electrics’ Max Range

Of the five EVs tested, the BMW i3s had the biggest range drops at both low and high temperatures.

Hate Depreciation? Check Out The Top 10 Models That Retain The Most Value

For the first time, no cars made the list of vehicles with the lowest depreciation.

Auto Thefts Climb For The Fourth Consecutive Year

Owners are still leaving their keys in the car, making it easy for thieves to steal them.

Study Shows Britain’s Worst Drivers Own German Premium Cars

Drivers of models like the BMW 4-Series, Audi A5, Mercedes E-Class and C-Class are more likely to put themselves and others at risk.

Toyota Leads Latest Reliability Study, But Mazda Models Are The Most Affordable To Fix

If the check engine light comes on in your Mazda, you can expect to shell out around $286.

Study Shows Automatic Braking Systems Reduce Rear-End Collisions By 43 Percent

Forward collision warning systems might not be as flashy as autonomous driving tech, but they’re highly effective.

Thinking About Buying Certified Pre-Owned? You Might Want To Stick With Mainstream Models

The average certified premium model costs 3.6% more than its used counterpart.

Toyota Leads BMW And Mercedes As The World’s Most Googled Car Brand

The Japanese automaker topped searches in countries like the U.S., Canada and Australia.

Scary Statistic: Vehicle Vandalism Peaks On Halloween

The average insurance claim for Halloween related vandalism was for $1,660.