The Average American Now Spends A Record 225 Hours Commuting Every Year

Over four million people have commutes of 90 minutes or more.

AAA Finds Pedestrian Detection Systems Lacking, “Completely Ineffective At Night”

The test found systems in the Accord, Camry, Malibu and Model 3 were pretty ineffective.

Investigation Finds That 60% Of Spark Plugs Purchased Online Are “Verified Frauds”

The counterfeit spark plugs can caused diminished performance and possibly even engine damage.

Male Drivers Are Much More Likely To Drive Distracted Than Females, Study Finds

The study discovered men are 260 per cent more likely to check out pedestrians than female drivers – but both sexes eat and/or drink behind the wheel at almost the same rate.

AAA Says Owning A New Car Costs You Over $9,200 Per Year

The survey, which excluded high-end models, found out that the biggest ownership cost of a new car is depreciation, averaging over $3,300 a year.

Genesis G70, BMW 7-Series And Others Awarded For Their Infotainment Systems

Kia and Hyundai took top honors in four out of a possible eight vehicle segments.

New Study Finds Rear Automatic Braking Can Reduce Collisions By 81%

Modern safety features can reduce collisions by more than 50% in some cases.

Hyundai Kona And Toyota C-HR Rank Highly In J.D. Power Tech Study

The Kona ranked highly in entertainment and driving assistance and, having reviewed it, we can attest that it’s very easy to get used to its tech.

Fatalities From Red Light Running At 10-Year High, Study Shows

This traffic violation kills more than two people every day in the U.S, yet 85% of those questioned admitted they know what they do is dangerous.

Survey Finds An Alarming Number Of Motorists Gets Annoyed By Driver Assist Systems

The Kia Stinger was the single best-performing vehicle in the study, scoring 834 points out of a 1,000 maximum.

New Volvo Study Makes Strong Case Against Unrestrained Pets

Leaving your pet unrestrained in the car can increase stress and lead to unsafe driving behaviors.

Ford Thinks Its Co-Pilot360 Tech Will Silence Backseat Drivers

According to a recent study, 68% of drivers believe backseat driving behavior will go down thanks to semi-autonomous tech.