Modellista Brings The Bling To Facelifted Toyota Prius

Two styling packages are available for the Prius and both feature an assortment of chrome accents.

TRD Gives Facelifted Toyota Prius Some Visual Clout

Prius owners can order an aerodynamic body kit which includes a front spoiler, extended side skirts and a rear diffuser.

Toyota Has To Find A “New Direction” For The Next Prius

Toyota Prius sales are falling and it appears the company is considering radical changes to the next-generation model.

Bet You’ve Never Heard A Toyota Prius Sound As Good As This GT300 V8 Racer

The Toyota Prius GT300 is V8-powered and comes complete with killer looks.

Toyota USA CEO Says Lineup Will Always Be Passenger Car-Biased

Jim Lentz believes U.S. passenger car sales are close to bottoming out and can’t get much lower.

All-Wheel Drive Toyota Prius To Start From $27,300 In The U.S.

Toyota will be offering the Prius with an AWD system for the first time ever in the United States.

2019 Toyota Prius Facelift Brings Optional AWD For The First Time

The 2019 Prius can be equipped with an electric all-wheel drive system which features an additional electric motor.

2019 Toyota Prius To Debut At LA Auto Show, Hints At All-Wheel Drive Option

The Prius’ E-Four all-wheel drive system could finally be offered in America.

Toyota’s Recalling Nearly A Million Vehicles In The US Over Hybrid And Airbag Issues

If you drive a Prius, Avalon, Tundra, or Sequoia, expect to get a recall notice from Toyota.

Toyota Recalls Over 800,000 Prius And Prius V For Stalling Issues

Certain Prius and Prius V could lose power and stall, and Toyota will fix them with a software update.

Electrified London Black Cab Challenges Toyota Prius And Ford Galaxy Into A Drag Race

It’s perhaps the most pointless drag race ever, but we learn which is the fastest taxi in the business.

Toyota’s Recalling 200,000 Prii To Prevent Electrical Fires

If you drive a Prius, you’ll want to get the potentially short-circuiting wires replaced.