Toyota Camry With Huge Rear Wing Wouldn’t Mind A Cameo On Fast 9

Some cars manage to look the part with exterior mods like these. The Camry is, in our opinion, not one of them.

BMW E46 M3 With LS7 7.0-Liter V8 Is Here To Upset Enthusiasts

This BMW E46 M3 has a monumental 650 hp and 545 lb-ft of torque spinning the rear wheels.

Stock And 1,000HP-Tuned Toyota Supra 2JZs Show Why The MK4 Is Such A Legend

Is the world-dominating hype of the Toyota Supra MK4 real?.

A Crazy Russian Has Put A Bentley Continental GT On Tank-Like Tracks

This Bentley Continental GT is probably just as capable as a Bentayga off road.

Lexus LS500h By Artisan Spirits Is Worthy Of An ‘F’ Badge

This LS500h has been adorned with a number of details that make it look sportier than the stock item.

VW Performance Brand ‘M52’ Takes Shape Courtesy Of Mountune And Fifteen52

M52 will offer VW owners similar services that Mountune’s Ford customers have enjoyed for years.

Overfinch Goes Over The Top With Tuned Range Rover Sport SVR

The Overfinch SuperSport is limited to 25 examples and thanks to customization options, no two will be exactly the same.

HGP-Turbo’s Volkswagen Golf R Has 473 HP, Hits 62 MPH In 3.2 Seconds

The upgrade won’t cost you an arm and a kidney, and the tuned Golf R’s performance can be viewed in the following video.

ECD’s “Project Soho” Defender Gets Off-Roading Mods – And A 565 HP ‘Vette V8

This D110 Defender comes complete with a supercar-inspired interior and tons of extra muscle.

Honda Civic Type R ‘Project P’ Pickup Truck Spotted At Parking Lot

According to Honda, this one-off Type R pickup can accelerate to 62 mph in under 6 seconds.

Mighty Car Mods Turns A VW Golf R Into A Supercar Slayer

The VW Golf R in question has been transformed thanks to modifications from Revo.

Prepare To Be Blown Away By This 597HP Audi RS3 Sportback

It’s not often we see an Audi RS3 Sportback (tuned or not) hit 316km/h (196mph) on the highway.