VW’s 2020 Lineup Eschews Wagons And Cuts The Golf Down To A Single Trim

This year’s highlight is a facelifted Passat which features an upgraded four-cylinder engine with 174 hp.

VW Jetta Driver Plows Into Toyota Pickup At High Speed

The driver of the truck had to be hospitalized, while both vehicles were totaled.

VW Bringing Seven Concepts To SOWO: The European Experience

Among the concepts are three Golfs, a Tiguan and a stylish Jetta GLI.

2019 VW Jetta GLI Vs. 2019 VW Golf GTI: More Different Than Expected

The new VW Jetta GLI targets a different type of customer than the Golf GTI.

VW Promotes The Jetta GLI’s Manual Transmission As An Anti-Theft Device

VW doesn’t recommend leaving the Jetta GLI unlocked, however.

VW Jetta Rear-Ends Ford Pickup In Embarrassing Green Light Drama

This VW Jetta driver didn’t notice that the car ahead was waiting for a pedestrian to cross the road.

All-New VW Jetta GLI: The American Petrolhead’s Compact Sedan?

The 228 hp 2019 Jetta GLI was taken to a twisty mountain road to prove its credentials.

Huge 2019 VW Jetta GLI Gallery Helps You Choose Your Favorite Model

The photos allow us to notice the differences between the three available 2019 VW Jetta GLI models.

US Car Loan Payments And Interest Rates Reach 10-Year High Thanks To Trucks, SUVs

Study shows customers still prefer bigger trucks and SUVs, even if that means a higher interest rate.

2019 VW Jetta GLI With 228HP Starts At $25,995, Undercuts Golf GTI By $1,600

What will you choose, a Jetta GLI with $1,600 worth of options or a base Golf GTI?.

New Jetta Standalone Brand For Young Chinese Buyers Confirmed By VW

The new Jetta entry-level brand will launch with a sedan and two SUV models.

Jetta Said To Become Separate Brand In China, VW Calls Reports “Pure Speculation”

Jetta would become the third brand of FAW-VW, adding to Volkswagen and Audi.