New T-Cross Diesel Is The Most Fuel-Efficient Volkswagen SUV

The T-Cross has gained a 94 HP, 1.6-liter TDI, which can be ordered from £21,240 in the UK.

Volkswagen T-Cross Manages To Make A Very Good Case For Itself

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With a more practical interior and comfortable ride, the T-Cross is much more than a Polo on stilts.

VW T-Cross SUV Launched With £16,995 Starting Price

The T-Cross is offered in four trim levels and the limited-run First Edition model in the UK.

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VW T-Cross Launches In The UK With £23,150 First Edition Limited Run

The Cross First Edition will be available in just 250 units and deliveries will start in April.

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Volkswagen T-Cross Hybrid And PHEV Reportedly Not Happening

Electrifying the T-Cross would make too expensive – those looking for a VW electric will have to wait for the ID models.

VW Opens The Order Books For New T-Cross Small SUV In Europe

VW will also offer a limited “1st Edition” version to 200 lucky customers.

To No One’s Surprise, VW T-Cross Gets The Virtual GTI Treatment

Volkswagen will launch the T-Cross next year, but a GTI version isn’t on the menu.

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