Robbers In Audi RS6 Escape Police Cars Despite Two Flat Tires

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This dashcam footage shows the moment when a gang of robbers attempted to escape police, injuring officers during a chase.

Unfortunately, their efforts were successful as they managed to eventually ditch the stolen high-performance Audi and flee the scene after winning their battle with the police.

According to Birmingham Mail, two of the gang members were caught three months later, pleading guilty to a robbery at a pizza takeaway, which is what led to the chase in the first place.

Speaking of the chase, not only was that RS6 had to stop through PIT maneuvers, the robbers even pulled over and backed into the trailing officers' BMW 3-Series Touring, which ended up taking quite a pounding.

Backing it up were two Vauxhall Insignias, who were also rammed by the Audi as the bad guys were desperate to get away.

In the end, all four robbers were arrested and convicted, each serving 8 years in prison.