Amazing Custom Built 1:4 Scale Peterbilt Radio Controlled Truck that can Haul a Real Car!

Some of you may remember a video of a 1:4 scale R/C model truck pulling a Nissan SUV that we showed you back in April. However, at the time, we didn’t know anything about the build. As it turns out, there is so much more than meets the eye with this amazing remote-controlled lorry.

First of all, it isn’t just another of those expensive toys you can buy online but a custom creation made by an Italian named Bordin Luca.

It all began when Luca saw a man driving a model truck on an online video. Being an avid fan of American trucks and especially the Peterbilt 359, Luca decided to build one for himself. And as so often happens in these stories, one thing lead to another and it became a larger than life project.

Luca first constructed the cabin out of lightweight fiberglass with the help of a wooden frame. He then used plastic polished in the right way to resemble chrome. After many hours and painstaking attention to detail, the cabin was ready and it was time to move on to the underpinnings.

Two 1.5 mm thick steel pipes were sufficient to create a sturdy frame that could withstand heavy weights. However, a truck, even an R/C controlled one, is useless without an engine – the more powerful, the better. Luca ended up using a 36-volt 750 Watt electric motor that drives the twin rear wheels via a sprocket-drive chain.

At 2.10 meters long and 180 kg (close to 400 pounds!), the scale model is anything but a toy. But as you can see in the videos, the power is enough to allow the little truck to pull a new Ford Mondeo Station Wagon with considerable ease!

The problem is that while electric motors are great for torque, they fail in the sound department. Luca’s solution? He installed a Tamiya sound model simulating all the sounds of an actual truck and to make it even louder, he placed an audio amplifier and two coaxial speakers just to make sure that everyone will take notice.

To make it more realistic, Luca went one-step further installing a two-tone horn and a disco-sourced smoke-making device for the exhaust pipes.

The nine months of hard work have paid off and Luca is deeply satisfied with his one-of-a-kind creation. However, the resourceful Italian says he is not done just yet as he plans to build a 5-meter long trailer for the model!

Story References: Peterbilt359


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