2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse R/SD Concept is a Realistic-Looking Design Study [w/Video]

Any way you look at it, Mitsubishi has been on a downward spiral for years now (remember this comment?) and things aren’t looking too bright for the sixth biggest Japanese automaker and the sixteenth biggest in the world based on production numbers.

While the company now believes that its future lies in SUVs, crossovers and cheap transportation modes like the Mirage hatch, it wasn’t always like that; besides the legendary Lancer EVO series, once upon a time, Mitsubishi also did coupes like the 3000GT/GTO, FTO and the Eclipse.

The latter inspired car modeler Steel Blake from the far away land of Kyrgyzstan in central Asia along with the help of Zhikharev Eduard and Mike Kinikhin to create a rather realistic-looking concept model dubbed the 2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse R/SD.

Blake took the last, fourth generation of the series (produced from 2006 to 2011) as a canvas for the study.

While there are no coupes in Mitsubishi’s immediate future, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts about Blake’s concept in the comments.

Designer: Steel Blake , Thanks to Autofilou for the heads up!




  • Elvis

    Looks Awesome!

  • eclipseowner

    I love it! I currently have a 1998 and a 2001 Eclipse and I don’t think they could design this car better! I agree that it does look like something from transformers…but its that “edgy” look that makes it more appealing and it is what the last generation of the eclipse was missing. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they bring this to production! I would buy it and still keep my 1998 and 2001!

    • Kwill

      I actually liked the idea also.if u look back at the 4g model it lacked in the front design it looked like they rushed it n it didnt match the rear end..And they did ramp up the engine on the 4g models it was v6 3.8 cause i had a 3g model loved the drive of the car but it was the Gs model it was slow..and i know that was not the top model but they could have added a little more to the power train than that..And i also think where mitsubishi messed up when it came to the eclipse they had to many models they had Rs/Gs/Gt/Gst..they were to similar in the way they made them the only difference between the rs and the gs was a little in the engine and the trim and the rear spoiler.keep it simple 3 models 4cylinder..Rs 6cylinder..Gs 6cylinder awd Gt..

  • Galaxium

    Because in today’s world, if you haven’t noticed, people are looking for economy– NOT outright power and gas-guzzling engines. There is a reason why the midsize sedan segment has gained more buyers because more people want economical cars.
    Furthermore, you don’t “shame” other car companies by making the engine even better. It’s all in design and functionality in the end.
    By the way, a lot of these sub-200/250 hp engines actually have quite a bit of pep.

    The real technology all companies should be investing in is electrical motors.

    • evolucion8

      Still better than average american cars. Heck, at the year 2000, while Ford was manufacturing V6 2.5L engine running at 170HP, Nissan and Mitsubishi were designing V6-3.5-3.8L engines running at 263-270HP. American engineering is so behind…

      • Galaxium

        > implying they still create those underpowered engines still

        American engineering is still well and alive. Have you not seen all the new engines from both GM and Ford? They are just as effective as those of the Japanese.

        • evolucion8

          Yeah, finally catching up with the japanese, the Ford Fusion has a very reliable engine and well built.

      • GalantMike

        To be honest and fair though, Mitsubishi’s 6a13 engine (which was a 2.5) in naturally aspirated form put out about 170hp (163 in Galant’s, 177 in Diamante’s)… but they stuffed bigger engines in USDM cars (6g72 was 3.0l, 6g74 was 3.5, 6g75 was 3.8) and they had a bigger output because they had a larger displacement…

        • evolucion8

          2.5 Mitsubishi engine? It was V6 right? Still a bit dissapointed with those performance numbers specially when the 4G64 which was 4 cylinders with 2.4L had close to 163HP.

    • Tony Monaco

      I agree. If that car was electric THAT would be something.

    • Jana Stacy

      I still own the 2008 eclipse 4 cylinder, but big motor, 5 speed, and that gives me all the juice and power needed and 36 miles per gallon.

  • Stacy Chesney

    I have had 3 eclipses love my mitsubishis got a outlander sport but now wanted my eclipse back had to buy used in order to get one so i got a eclipse spyder iam worried when its time for another car i wont find one i love as much as my eclipse this concept is one i sure would love to see go into production its georgose iam a sports car lover and would love to stay loyal to mitsubishi but iam not happy without my eclipses

  • 4g63t

    Base the new 2015 off the 2nd generation. Bring back toe awd turbo and get back to the simple look of the 1995-1999. Eclipse went all down hill from there and if u want loyal mits owners back we need to get back to the simple look with the power to back it up. Mits can’t Cary their rep off one car the Evo.

  • Marcos Castro

    I like the car! It is a new approach to the eclipse and a new sight for the eye to see. The eclipse has been modified many times from the first eclipse produced to the last 2012 eclipse. The car looks amazing from the drivers side towards the front of the car. The selection of the rims really add texture to this car. If the car were to begin selling in the U.S I would buy it. I would seriously buy the car! It has personality, and it’s a powerful upfront personality. Make it! and make it a legend!

  • Dean Thornton

    Its a nice idea the side looks like it has a cleft pallet but the back is very nice. You should mix a little of the old and the 09 version. I loved the 98 version and had a 09 myself. Bring it back for goodness sakes. These other cars like sedans and hybrids suck . No style I can live with the gas, it doesn’t compare to the guzzlers of the suvs. Ford has the Mustang and Chevrolet has the Camaro and Mitsubishi has the Eclipse. I don’t care how you do it, bring it back.

  • conrad testamark

    no!it dose not need fwd,a rwd with a 5.7Liter engine,575-678 hp,v 8,v10,inline 7,inline 9,inline11 or rotary 7,8,9,10,11 that would be good instead of that stuiped fwd;8-9speed manuel tranmission and 9speed automatic with paddleshifters,0-60 in 2.4sec-2.0sec.that is what mitsubishi need to build with turbos or turbochargers or super chargers,the eclipse have potential to be a grate sport scar,but mitsubishi always missing up the car with it’s low-perfomance,it should be competing with the ford mustanggt,cadillac,camaro,ferrari’s,porsche’s

  • Chelsea Howell

    SICKKKKK!!!!! Love it

  • batman

    that rear is stunning, but the fronts too busy

  • jada winters

    U should bring it back its a true historical car

  • JJ

    Not a fan of the angularness of these designs. The thing I like about the old eclipses is their circular flowing, oblong design. Adding those angles on the front of the car makes it look angry. There’s nothing angular about an eclipse.

  • EclipseFan4Life

    I am very pleased and excited about this design! I have always been an Eclipse fan and yes, the Lancer is a fun car as well, but there is just something about the Eclipse that mixes style with fair cost but also gives you that race car feel and power. I am def in line for buying this when and if its released to the public!

  • Klandeztno

    Bring the 4g63 back!!!

  • Alire

    It is absolutely stunning. I’d buy this car in a heartbeat.

  • joooonbug

    Cool design attempt, but one small but crucial detail is bothering me.
    The fact that the front is so chiseled and sharp; then one goes around to the back and it’s round and the complete opposite.

    pick one design form or the other.

  • robert

    I would buy one. I have a 2012 last year model love it. I think it looks awesome

  • Syrikzero

    Dodge dart coupe and this and im happy

  • Sam Den

    I think it looks great! I have an eclipse 2007 and I would totally get a newer model if available

  • Jose

    Looks like a honda crz

  • Heartlessangel7

    The face looks like an angry transformer. Makes my eyes hurt. So does the headlights. They should be more like the 4G or 2G:flush but facing forward. She has nice flowing Euro-stying on the rear and side. Screams speed and exudes sexiness. All will be for naught if the make this FWD. Need a RWD or AWD drivetrain. Would be awesome w/ an EVO drivetrine.

  • younghallie

    The best is awesome, sleek and sexy. The front needs some work

  • younghallie

    The back is awesome. Sleek and sexy. The front has way to much going on, but definite potential.

  • tim

    Luv the way the new eclipse looks but think to compete with other dealerships they should add turbo something for more horse power like the Hyundai Genesis. ..

  • Slippercream

    Contrary to what a lot of people might say, the PS platform was NOT all that bad. It had a lot of potential — very sturdy construction, very rigid frame, and mated with a superb suspension for the “low-cost” multipurpose value that it was created for — a cheaper way for MMNA to make USDM cars. Even though the 4th Gen Eclipse was on the heavy side, it had the right chassis for a power build. The 6G75M was a superb engine, and really, can anyone argue that the last cast-iron Cirrus block has the strength to withstand punishment, compared to aluminum blocks? The heads were perfect for an N/A engine. Add boost and it’s a no-brainer: power to surpass even Nissan’s famous VQ/VR engine. The Getrag 6/MT FWD was sufficient, with very good gear ratios. But Mitsu has no excuse in that it can easily mate its S-AWC drivetrain to any engine if it wanted to.
    MMC has all it needs to resurrect the Eclipse. And it needs to. Last rumor I had heard was that they will be resurrecting the Eclipse somehow. Remains to be seen whether or not this is vaporware. I do, however, hope that they take their time to build it right.

  • Anita Bell

    I have no idea if some of yall need glasses or what but this car looks really great. I have an 09 eclipse and love it and would get a new one if they would just please come out with a new one. All these ugly ass vehicles their coming out with now like the suv looking station wagons I call them. Some people do want something that looks like this.

  • Edward Chretien II

    yeaa im a 2g eclipse owner and i love the hell outta my baby. I like how the back looks like the 2g. the front end like Rick Alexander said is just to much. i say go back and look at the 2g. only bad thing about the 2g its heavy but the metal was strong so i can deal with that but trust me iv owned Base model, GS spyder GSX and a GST all where standard and grate looking cars. you can feel the weight every thing els was grate. i tuned my Gsx im pushing 320 Hp to the wheels. i would say i hope yall beef up the engine if it does come out. i hope it does!! ECLIPSE ALL DAY. Peace and love!

  • Tina

    I have owned 4 new Eclypses in a row and can’t see myself driving any other car. I love the new concept and would buy it as soon as it came out!

  • Mark Machado

    Looks ok. This would be the one shot Mitsu has to come back to relevance. V6 300Hp with all wheel drive minimum. Doesn’t need to be an all out barn burner (that would be nice though) but it is going to need to be at least competitive against cars like the Nissan 370z and Hyundai Genesis. Should be doable. Keep the price about 30k-35k (cheaper is better it is a mitsu) and they got a winner.

    Of course they could scrap this altogether and go with a smaller coup the 1st Gen 90-94 model. Little two seater with great handling could get away with 200-250hp.

  • Andreas

    I have owned two Mitsubishi cars, and I love the products. When I’m asked about their performance, my reply is ” Mitsubishi, made by the people who brought you Pearl Harbor.” Mitsubishi has been manufacturing excellent products for a long time. My 2006 gt , has 300,000 miles. As long as the maintenance is kept up, their vehicles will last, and perform excellently for a long time. I currently have a bmw. If Mitsubishi would just release an updated eclipse, i would gladly trade the bmer in .

  • jordan fenn

    id say just make the front end one solid piece and keep the upper grill between the lights open and id say go for the design but make it more fuel efficient. 9.0 compression ratio, overhead cam, variable valve timing/camshaft and four valves per cylinder, direct injection, integrated into the engine with a bypass. this way the engine can warm up quicker yet not over heat. get a nice dry belt for the cams. I mean anything to get the car be a fuel efficient car

  • Outdancing

    I have a 2003 eclipse. I wouldn’t have one of the newer ones if Mitsubishi gave me one. The newer styles are too puffy looking. I like the sleek fast lines on my car. If and when it dies, I will put a new motor in it or buy something else. Mitsubishi, bring back the 2003 body style. Then and only then would I buy one.

  • Eric Stepney

    Mitsubishi needs to build this concept based off the 2 gen. That car I think sold the most and put them on the map (4G63/420a). I have the 98 GS model now with a turbo and I love it. Like most people are saying, change the front a little bit but keep the rear.

  • junior

    I think its awesome!!! I hope it comes out with good performance thats all the eclipse was lackin some good hp

  • Therese

    I love it except the front end looks like a freakin’ transformer. I’ve had 3, all Spyders and loved them all, fun to drive and never had a moments trouble with any of them. I was just hit a week ago and am waiting to hear if they’ll total my car. A huge part of my heartbreak is knowing I can’t replace it. If there were the option to buy the 2007 design I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute but I’d have to really think about buying this one. Everything from the front wheels back is gorgeous but that front bumper/grill design is just embarrassing.

  • Mike Bielli

    All of you negative nellies, I’m still love my 2011 GT . This 2015 concept car is spectacular. I would pay any price for this version. Please inform Mitsubishi this model needs to make a come back.

  • Justin Campbell

    you crazy if you dont release this design with a 4wd drive train and v6 turbo as if you are going to put a sohc in a design like this and you wonder why you are going down hill,i dont like the front bumber but that can be changed with an after market one the rest of the design is good

  • Justin Campbell

    actually the front bumber is pretty good put a good drive train and turbo v6 in it and put it on the market you will sell heaps

  • Justin Campbell

    na lights are good put the evo bumber on it with 4wd v6 turbo and it will be off the hook

  • Carmello

    I would buy this car, I love my eclipse and I wish that I could buy a 2015 or maybe get one custom built. I love this look to each its own, I would definitely buy it.

  • Kendrick

    I actually liked the idea also.if u look back at the 4g model it lacked in the front design it looked like they rushed it n it didnt match the rear end..And they did ramp up the engine on the 4g models it was v6 3.8 cause i had a 3g model loved the drive of the car but it was the Gs model it was slow..and i know that was not the top model but they could have added a little more to the power train than that..And i also think where mitsubishi messed up when it came to the eclipse they had to many models they had Rs/Gs/Gt/Gst..they were to similar in the way they made them the only difference between the rs and the gs was a little in the engine and the trim and the rear spoiler.keep it simple 3 models 4cylinder..Rs 6cylinder..Gs 6cylinder awd Gt..

  • Kwill

    Yeah i think they messed up also with the tap shifting shit no one ever used that.need to be manual stick in the floor..n its not an eclipse without the hatchback..

  • Jana Stacy

    So, since I can’t buy an Eclipse anymore, what model of car is the closest in looks and performance that some other car company is making? I am on my second eclipse and love the car. Too bad Mitsubishi shot themselves in both feet by only making cars that you can find a dime a dozen from 50 other makers! Who on earth needs another SUV or cheap cracker box manufacturer!

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