New Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Oozes of Opulence [55 Pics & Videos]

Maybach as a brand is dead, but Mercedes-Benz has resurrected the badge as an über luxury nameplate for its extra-long S-Class that will be revealed almost simultaneously at the Los Angeles and Guangzhou auto shows.

At 5,453 mm (214.7 in) long and with a wheelbase of 3,365 mm (132.5 in), Mercedes-Benz‘ new flagship sedan is a big car – 200mm (7.9 in) larger in both dimensions than the existing long wheelbase S-Class.

As you’d expect from a car bearing the Maybach nameplate, all that extra length benefits the rear passengers who also get unique individual seats and other exclusive details ranging from the Maybach-branded perfume AGARWOOD to silver-plated, handcrafted champagne flutes and a voice amplification function that “much easier for occupants in the front to communicate with the rear passengers”. Not that you really need the last function as Mercedes says the Maybach S-Class is the world’s quietest production saloon.

Mercedes will launch the flagship limo in February 2015 in two models, the S500 powered by a 449hp(445PS) and 700Nm 4.7-liter bi-turbo V8 that returns a respectable 8.9 lt/100 km (26.4mpg US), and the range-topping S600 with a 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 producing 523hp (530PS) and 830Nm. Both models are RWD, but in July of the same year, the S500 will get an all-wheel drive 4MATIC edition.

Ola Källenius, member of the Divisional Board of Mercedes-Benz Cars responsible for sales commented: “As an addition to the portfolio of S-Class saloons, the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class sets new standards in the luxury segment. The vehicle satisfies the very highest requirements in terms of exclusivity appointments and comfort.”

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  • Rokie

    First thing first when buy the S500 M-M, get rid of the ugly rim to something else…

    • Julien Lachemoi

      They’re perfect for my taste.

      • Rokie

        …they can do better.

        • Julien Lachemoi

          In my opinion that is exactly the kind of wheels this super expensive land-boat should have. No sporty nonsense AMGish rims that does not fit at all the purpose nor the look of the car.

          • Rokie

            No, ugly is ugly.
            …without sporty nonsense AMGish’s MB is almost nothing.

        • Christian

          Then buy a 95 Civic then…

          • Rokie

            a 95 Civic Rim looks better than this shit

          • Christian

            Sure It does..

          • Guest

            a 1995 Civic’s rim looks better than this rim.

    • funnyfarm299

      The ones in the last picture are much better than the other set.

    • NG212

      They actually look quite similar to some Rolls-Royce and Bentley rims. But I do agree they should offer other options.

      • Rokie

        Daimler Maybach has failed badly to compete Rolls/Bentley since 1997. so if the new M-Ms want to make a dent in this segment, they need to understand not to copy those English brands, also the rims doesn’t even look good on a Rolls…

        • NG212

          Go back and look at the 90s W140’s rims. They’re almost identical.

          But also, this is much ado about nothing. They’re just wheels. They’re easily changed. You could even get different factory wheels from Mercedes. This vehicle will be customizable, so you can select whatever you want from their portfolio of S-Class wheels.

  • esuomenona

    Interior is definitely a step up from the S600, but the exterior styling is disappointing, to say the least. I was hoping they would tweak the design beyond a couple of badges…

    • NG212

      This may be a Maybach, but it’s an S-Class first.

      This vehicle is structurally different (B-pillar to C-pillar) from the regular long-wheelbase. That says to me that they consciously kept the design consistent even though they had an opportunity to change more.

      Changing the headlights and taillights and a couple other details would have recreated the unsuccessful Maybach 57/62 formula. They found that their high-end customers preferred the look of their S-Class compared to the tweaked Maybach.

      Besides all of that, the spy shots were pretty clear that this vehicle is all about the extended wheelbase.

      Here’s my hope — that if people buy enough of these in China and the US, the Maybach subbrand will one day have bespoke models or variants.

  • NG212

    It’s exactly what they promised — an S-Class. Yet one with the ultra-luxury ethos of Maybach.

    People may find this redundant, but the existing long-wheelbase S simply is not long enough for some passengers. And more luxury is always great — the quietest sedan cabin on the market, a voice amplifier to speak with the driver, and custom champagne flutes.

    This also is not a repeat of Maybach’s business strategy. This über S didn’t cost much to develop over the existing S. But you can bet your ass customers in China and Maybach clients in the US will buy enough of these to bring in great profits. They lost money each time they sold a Maybach. They’ll make money each time they sell this.

    Also, smart this only seats four. Forces people to buy the Pullman if they want to seat six. Bring it on.

  • Kash

    I like the plate rims because they remind me of the late 90’s early 00’s SL and for some reason they just work on this car. Also, to the people complaining about the rim design: they offer choices. I’m pretty sure Daimler will even craft new custom styled rims for you if the ones they and Brabus already offer don’t fit your tastes.

  • Rich Money

    The problem with this Maybach, like the previous one, is that the swoopy front end styling of the S class does not lend itself well to a ginormous, stately vehicle (as this one is trying to be). Parked alongside a Bentley or Rolls-Royce, This car just does not to stand up visually.

    • NG212

      I think that is a valid criticism. The English vehicles look so upmarket because their designs recall their predecessors. It raises the question, should Mercedes try to recall their ultra-luxury models like the 1960s Pullman by employing classic design? And what would that even look like? Could you imagine a modern Mercedes with stacked, round headlights, as the Pullman had?

      It is my sincere hope that Americans and Chinese people buy enough of these to make it successful. It’s not that much more expensive than the regular S 600, after all. And I hope a Maybach version of the GLS SUV comes next and is a sales success. I want this subbrand to be profitable, and cultivate a client base.

      Mercedes said this was just the beginning. I’m hoping if these early efforts are successful, at some point Mercedes-Maybach can become as powerful as Mercedes-AMG. For the next-generation, I’d like there to be a bespoke Mercedes-Maybach model to cap its range, just as the GT is the halo AMG.

  • Kvantex

    Dope on so many levels. One quibble: no divider screen between front and rear seats?

  • Kiyoshi Manabe

    Such greasy presence of this limousine is one of “negative pedigrees” of Mercedes-Benz, I do assess.
    The S-63/S-65 AMG versions are quite exhilarating for me, while this limousine badged as “Maybach” seems less-attractive than comparable Bentleys.

  • gatonegro

    As someone who drives a Maybach daily i must agree with Rokie888, those Rims as im seeing them on this screen was disappointing to me, while it seems luxurious i notice the Gents getting into the car seemed to kinda squeeze themselves in . The spaciuos interior will be missed

  • europeon

    Why is it so small? At 5.4 meters is really small compared to the 57/62.

  • MarketAndChurch

    It’s everything I dreamed it would be, and more. It looks very tall. Like… almost as tall as the former Maybach 57/62.

    If I were a billionaire, I would have them build me one without that chrome B-pillar but blacked out like the C-pillar. and I would have them remove every Mercedes or Maybach or S-class or engine badging on the exterior, and make me a VR7-level armored car. I think I’d take this over a Ghost or a Flying Spur too. Very cool, I can’t wait to see all the real-world reviews by various journalists.

  • Vassilis

    Very, very nice but ultimately, I must say I prefer the Ghost.

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