Volvo’s 2016 XC90 R-Design Makes North American Debut in a Cool Matte-Blue Shade

After bringing the regular 2016 XC90 over to America and the LA Auto Show last November, Volvo is hosting the North American premiere of the XC90 R Design in Detroit.

The silky blue color on the outside is an eye-catcher and works well with the R Design Package that customizes the new XC90’s look with matte silver trim elements, a more aggressive bodykit featuring larger air intakes, two large chrome exhausts and 20-inch or optionally, 22-inch wheels.

Volvo also sets off the interior with a number of updates including sports seats in Nubuck textile and perforated leather, unique floor mats, sports gearshift knob and pedals, and illuminated tread plates.

“R-Design is created for people with a passion for things that add spice to life,” said Alain Visser, Senior Vice President of Volvo Cars. “It appeals to customers that love active driving and a personal, expressive design.”

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  • TheBelltower

    Besides the headlights and the awesome paint, the exterior looks identical to the previous XC90. Without the swoopy wheels and aggressive paint color, it’ll just blend. I am surprised they played it so safe, considering the original XC is ancient. The interior does look sumptuous tho.

    • KF

      Identical, it’s called brand evolution. But I think you need a good checkup at your nearest eye doctor…

      And there is no blend once you see it Live 😉

      • TheBelltower

        It’s not much of an evolution. The old one was around for so long, that this looks like a spaceship. Once the newness wears off, it won’t.

  • NG212

    Whoa. This is great paint. Looks awesome.

    I hate to be that guy who trash talks, but I just think it’s interesting that this Volvo looks seems sporty and cool (in this trim) and the new Q7 looks like a raised, conservative wagon.

    It’s like the XC90 and Q7 — family SUV rivals that each took forever to replace — switched places in the market.

  • aaron

    So SUV gets lowered along with huge wheels with low profile tires to become a ‘wagon’ when a sedan next to it – S60 Cross Country sedan – gets raised suspension with offroad-ish tires to become more SUV. What an irony.

    • KF

      This new XC90 has Air Suspension, and on this picture it’s at it’s lowest.

      • MarketAndChurch

        Thanks for explaining that. I was about to dismiss this look as “meh,” until I read this, and if that’s in fact the case, then this R-Design is a pretty awesome look. I’d probably have it raised in city traffic and lowered at highway speed.

  • Mike Gonzalez

    this is definitely the best SUV out there right now

  • Miroku

    So hot