Pagani Zonda Replica Made from Scrap and Powered by Audi V8 for Sale

What would you say to a handmade, Pagani Zonda-inspired replica that’s up for grabs in Britain?

It was built by car enthusiast Nick Truman who started the project back in 2010 when he was still living in Bahrain, sourcing all parts from online auction sites like eBay, before he continued from the UK.

“The car is based on a 1989 Ford Scorpio (V5 included) (running gear/drive shafts, brakes, wiring, electrics, cooling etc) and has a space frame chassis based on the Ultima GTA, the fastest car ever around the Top Gear race track,” says Truman.

While he initially planned to use a Jaguar V12, Truman ended up giving the car an Audi-sourced 3.7-liter V8 engine fitted with twin turbos

“The engine could do with professionally mapping to get the most from the estimated 550 + bhp engine (the car weighs under 900 kg!),” he said. “On paper the car accelerates from 0 – 60 mph in 2.9 secs and has a top speed of 187 mph. These figures were calculated using the much heavier and less powerful Jag V12, so I guess with the V8 performance would be much scarier.”

Truman says that the replica has the same dimensions as the Zonda C12 at 4,395mm long, 2,055 mm wide and 1,151mm tall with a 2,730mm wheelbase.

To be fair, you can see from the pictures that, even with replica-standards, this is a very rough build – just look at those door lines or the hood, for example, but that doesn’t detract from the effort that was put into its creation.

The seller mentions that the car is not complete and that it’s not street-legal yet:

“What is left to do… finish polishing, fit new Lotus Elise screen (which I will supply), connect windscreen wiper, fit horn (supplied) and fit screen washer (not supplied), connect the blower to dash vents. Calibrate speedo. The car could also do with a new battery.. Then take it to your friendly IVA tester. The car has the logbook for the Scorpio which was updated when the Zonda had its V12 Jag engine. So in theory the car is a V12 Scorpio, the registration number fitted to the rear is from the Scorpio and the car is SORN. I have no idea is you can use the number plate and it will be your responsibility to ensure its all legal before using on the road. Please remember this is not a kit car, it is entirely handmade from scratch.”

Currently, with 23 hours left, there are two bids on eBay, the highest standing at £7,100 (about US$10,800 or €9,200), but it’s not clear if the seller is willing to let it go at that price.

H/T to Maxx!

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  • CarolineFournier

    Looks like it was made with plasticine ……. The engine sounds good tho o.O

  • Crush It, Please

    This “thing”is horrid on nearly every level.

  • R1S0

    What a terrible quality!

  • SamuraiJack

    At least it’s cheap… wait, what… o, that’s a 7, not a 1

  • Polyester Poontang

    Did all these responses except SamJack below miss the word scrap.

  • thunder bolt

    someone with this much engineering skill should join force with someone who has metal/plastic body work skill, because the car looks horrendous.

  • RDS Alphard

    Mechanical wise , it’s sounds promising …

  • AlesMou

    unbelievable. this must be a joke.

  • shiv

    this is really bad…people in Asia with no money can do better replica job than this….

  • Miknik

    I have seen Tamiya kits built by 5 year olds that are built to far higher standards than this. Too bad, because bespoke tube chasis and V8 engine are at least better than “VW Beetle or Ford Cortina” based,….

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