McLaren 650S Succumbs To Nature And Physics Crashing Into Median In Poland

Dash-cam video shows the moment that a bright orange McLaren 650S lost control on a Polish highway crashing into the median strip.

The on-video date reads January 2013, but if this is indeed the 650S and not the 12C, it’s incorrect, as the former didn’t go on sale before mid-2014.

Back to the accident, our Polish tipster Siusiak gave us a rundown on what allegedly (and we stress that) happened:

“On the video you see McLaren 650S on the expressway. The driver overtook the bus with the camera, then he attempted to do the same with Skoda Octavia that left a place for him.

Unfortunately, he had his safety systems turned off. He progressively pushed the gas pedal to the maximum, the car reduced few gears down, then one more (the lowest possible) and he instantly lost traction of the rear wheels – very predictable behaviour of the car, in such conditions. Maybe even on the dry road he would have to do a counter. With systems turned on, nothing would happen. Traction control and system of stabilization control can effectively cut the power and brake the front wheels.

Some people, wrongly, speculate it was an aquaplaning but people in Poland have really poor driving experiences.”