Tesla Model S Takes On Maserati GranTurismo & Nissan GT-R In Autocross Challenge

Trying to navigate your way through a bunch of traffic cones as quickly as possible, sounds like the perfect job for a supercar, right?

Well, not if the guy that’s sitting behind the wheel isn’t particularly “super” himself. Before we get to that, let’s take a look at these three cars.

First up is a Maserati GranTurismo, which by the way has one of the most delightful exhaust notes you’ll ever hear. It’s not the most agile car in the world, and it does tend to understeer sometimes, but if you’re skilled enough, you can get the job done, no problem.

After the Maserati was done, in came this white Tesla Model S P85D – which accelerated like a bat out of hell. You can actually see how immediate it gets off the line when it gets going and also when it has a bit of room to go in a straight line.

The Tesla actually looked a bit quicker than the Maserati, but that was mostly down to the person behind the wheel – as it generally is when you’re not racing in a straight line.

Last but not least (sort of), the Nissan GT-R was definitely a disappointment. On paper, it’s the most agile and it should have won this thing hands down.

So yes, the drivers were definitely the deciding factors. Still, we’re very impressed with the Tesla’s acceleration and of course, the Maserati’s soundtrack.


  • Ken Lyns

    These pass for supercars now?

  • dumbfuck

    tesla looks liek it’s gonna flyyyy

  • Daniel

    I’m a big fan of Tesla but the video clearly shows it doesn’t have the handling of a supercar. It can’t, it’s too damn heavy.

  • TheBelltower

    Maseratis aren’t supposed to be driven like this. They are cars that you drive to dinner with your mistress. The GT-R is the car you get after your daddy’s dry cleaning business has a good year. The Tesla is a total freak of nature.

    • Haterrrrrrr

      You sound stupid

  • Haterrrrrrrrr

    Tesla equals shit car turismo and gtr much better haters gonna hate because they cant afford it

  • uS’gedlemba

    another Tesla advertorial…

  • eye.surgeon

    The Tesla makes them all look slow.

  • visitante

    Tesla has 4wd and quicker acceleration. I would like to see how the Nissan Juke do it.