Dodge Pickup Preserved Despite Sinking In Frozen Lake For Years

Chances are if you’re fishing, you wouldn’t expect to find a car at the bottom of a lake. Perhaps some seaweed, but certainly not a Dodge pickup. However in Minnesota recently, that’s exactly what happened.

While fishing at Mayhew Lake, a local lowered a camera into the water to scout for fish but ended up finding a pickup truck. Immediately after, he called the local Benton County Sheriff’s office who after sending in a team of divers to examine the vehicle, discovered that it had the same license plate as a Dodge pickup reported stolen some 16 years ago.

Given that the Dodge was found about 25 meters from the shore, it’s likely that it sunk to the bottom of the lake after being left out when the lake was frozen over.

While the car will never run again, the cold has helped preserve it quite well and with the obvious exception of the rust covering the body panels, there are no signs of bodywork damage. That’s quite amazing considering it could have been in the late since the turn of the century.

Photos Benton County Sheriff