Faraday Future Unveils Revolutionary FFZERO1 Concept

The veil on Faraday Future’s advanced all-electric car, the FFZERO1 Concept, has just been lifted during a live presentation at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. Boom goes the dynamite.

In the lead-up to the car’s unveiling, many expected the automaker’s very first concept car to preview a future rival to the Tesla Model S or Model X. However, the car comes from an entirely different universe and is more of a design and engineering study to show off what the firm is capable of. In some regards, it bares similarities to the crazy Vision Gran Turismo Concepts but is completely functional and powered by an advanced powertrain.

Faraday Future has created its concept to change the future of human mobility and has teamed up with a number of large companies, including leTV, known as the Netflix of China, in creating the concept and helping with its rapidly planned expansion.

Just 18 months ago, Faraday Future was founded and now employs over 750 employees and promises to deliver its first production vehicle in just two years time.

The marque has developed a truly modular platform which is unlike any other on the market is that it has been designed specifically for electric cars, rather than being modified from a platform usually used in an internal combustion powered vehicle. FF’s platform is dubbed Variable Platform Architecture and incorporates a number of different engine options, including the possibility of all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive configurations.

As for the concept car itself, it is powered by a so-called ‘quad drive’ powertrain, consisting of an electric motor at each wheel. Most importantly, that powertrain pumps out in excess of 1000 hp and is capable of rocketing the concept to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds. A top speed of over 200 mph is also said to be achievable, putting Faraday’s concept with the modern-day supercar elite. As if that wasn’t enough, the car also has advanced autonomous driving functions.

Design wise, the FFZERO1 Concept is really unlike anything we’ve seen from a startup firm in the past. It brings together LMP1-inspired aerodynamic elements with a large cockpit large enough to accommodate one person in comfort. Interestingly, the driver sits at a 45-degree angle to improve comfort and blood circulation. One of the most eye-catching components is the clear rear tail-fin which actually doubles as a display.