Faraday Future’s Concept Salutes The Future At CES 2016

With a styling that’s reminiscent of an UFO, rather than an actual car, the FFZERO1 previews Faraday Future’s plans to revolutionize the future of human mobility.

Using a so-called ‘quad drive’ powertrain, consisting of an electric motor at each wheel, the machine pumps out in excess of 1000 hp – a power figure capable of launching the car from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in less than 3 seconds, while a top speed of over 321 km/h (200 mph) is believed to be achievable.

Looking like a futuristic Le Mans LMP1 racer, the car actually uses a blend of race-inspired and iconic style cues, found on other automobiles – especially if you can elucidate its complex design (which kind of looks like it’s trying a little too much). Take for instance the wheels, that are reminiscent of the old BBS turbofans used in motor racing back in the day.

The small California-based company has grown since its inception in 2014 to 750 employees, and leaving the FFZERO1’s visual shock aside, the concept is actually based on what Faraday Future calls a Variable Platform Architecture – a modular platform that incorporates a number of different engine options, including the possibility of all-wheel, front-wheel, or rear-wheel drive configurations – which could actually spawn normal-looking production cars.

It’s highly unlikely for this astonishing vehicle to make it into production, but its intricate lines are a showcase of what Faraday Future can accomplish.