Monster Bentley Continental GT Shows Off 3,400-Watt System At CES

This may look like a Continental GT with a customized paint-scheme and a red interior, but this machine actually hides one of the most advanced car audio systems in the world.

Built by Bentley’s bespoke division, Mulliner, together with renowned audio company Monster Cable, the Continental GT comes with a unique, custom sound system – composed of 16 hand selected Monster speakers, personally tuned by Head Monster Noel Lee – which deliver a mind-boggling 3,400-watt output.

The car also features numerous details that help protect its bespoke image, such as Monster’s 24K gold wireless headphone set; but when it comes to attention to detail, we already are aware of Bentley’s high standards.

On the outside, the car looks the same as any of Crewe’s grand tourers, even though the Onyx hue, complemented by the red accents, was carefully applied to mirror Monster’s distinctive color scheme. Nonetheless, the combo looks stellar, and we wouldn’t mind seeing it on other Bentley-branded products.

Mind you, this particular Continental GT is powered by the 3,993 cc (243.7 cu in) twin turbo V8, generating 500 hp and 660 N·m (487 lb·ft) of torque, which means the two companies were looking for the perfect combo that could appeal to the target market of young professionals and movers and shakers in sports and music. And this are Bentley’s own words, not ours.