Lamborghini Gallardo Stupidly Drives Through San Diego Flood

Depending on your position, the following Lamborghini Gallardo could either be described as brave or incredibly stupid.

Following torrential rain in San Diego recently, a large intersection became flooded by water over a foot deep. Was the Gallardo driver going to let a little bit of water ruin his drive? Absolutely not.

Following in the path of an SUV, the Italian supercar was filmed making its way through the water in a way to make the upcoming Lamborghini Urus SUV proud. At one stage, the water becomes so deep that it covers the entire hood of the Gallardo and reaches up to the windscreen.

The radiators at the front were inevitably soaked from the car’s attempt at becoming a speedboat with water potentially even entering the exhaust. As the Gallardo is mid-engined rather than front-engined, it wouldn’t have been as badly affected by the water as a normal front-engined car, due to the absence of air intakes at the front, reducing the risk of hydrolocking.

Even still, it seems likely that some water got into the side air intakes that feed the engine, potentially causing some damage. Furthermore there’s a strong chance some electrical damage could have been done.

While we usually commend supercar owners for actually driving their high-powered cars, we’re not so sure this was a smart move.