Ferrari Zenyatta Is A Designer’s Vision For A New Hypercar

Ferrari has been consistently rolling out what it calls “specials” – that is, limited edition supercars that sit at the top of its range.

Its current offering is (or shall we say was) the 950 hp LaFerrari, which replaced the Enzo. The latter’s predecessor was the F50, though its F1-derived V12 wasn’t enough to make it as desirable as the F40 that came before it.

While it’s unlikely Ferrari has started thinking about LaFerrari’s replacement, let alone commenced designing it, Arita Das Designs took a shot at the next Italian hypercar.

The Zenyetta incorporates obvious design cues from existing Maranello models, with its headlights and butterfly doors clearly inspired by those of the LaFerrari. In contrast, the rear is straying significantly thanks to the six circular exhaust pipes and thin taillights.

Two of the most eye-catching aerodynamic aids are the bold fins on the front splitter and the rear bumper. Given the continued development of active aerodynamic technnology, we’d be surprised to see such obvious aero-aids in the future. These are just renderings anyway, and they work quite well with the overall shape; and, in any case, it doesn’t really matter, does it?