Hardcore Mercedes-AMG GT R Getting Active Aerodynamics

In the Mercedes-AMG GT’s continued quest to conquer the Porsche 911, the car’s creators are cooking up a more hardcore model, apparently dubbed the AMG GT R.

This isn’t news, as in recent months, numerous test mules have been spied testing. Now, however, it has emerged that beyond receiving a host of traditional performance upgrades, the GT R will actually be installed with active aerodynamics.

Mercedes-AMG chief executive Tobias Moers confirmed the news during an extensive interview with Car and Driver. When asked about the car, Moers said “While it’s too soon to talk in detail, this version of the GT will have active aerodynamic features for markedly improved performance. The attitude we stress with our engineers is that good is never good enough. So we constantly search for ways to improve AMG products. Our cars get better because we never stop working on them.”

At this stage, it is difficult to say what aerodynamic elements of the AMG GT R could be active given that test mules have appeared to feature traditional wings and fins. Wherever the active aero is, it’s clear that Mercedes refuses to play second fiddle to the 911.

Importantly, Moers said that this more powerful and faster version won’t be the rumoured Black Series car, suggesting that such a model is still a couple of years away.