Here’s How Ford Pulled Off The World’s Biggest Super Duty Stunt

When they’re not out talking about autonomous tech, testing RS models or showing off state of the art supercars such as the all-new GT, Ford is boasting about their F-Series trucks.

This time, they really went above and beyond in order to put that old “Ford Tough” saying to the test. With the help of ESPN Sport Science host & creator John Brenkus, Ford hung more than 60,000 lbs-worth of F-Series trucks from the frame of what they call the “toughest, smartest and most capable Super Duty ever built”.

In case you’re not sure what 60,000 lbs (30 tons) look like, in this case it’s eight F-150s plus an F-750 Tonka dump truck. So if that won’t challenge the credibility of Ford’s new high-strength steel frame, nothing will.

This video gives us a quick behind the scenes look at how Ford put everything together, plus a couple of impressions from Brenkus himself.

At the end of the day, that frame took all that beating without showing any bends or cracks, which is pretty impressive. Of course, stress fractures are always possible under severe loads, but that’s something you’ll only notice with a very thorough inspection.