Scratch That Off-Road Itch With This No-Nonsense 1967 Nissan Patrol

Older off-road machines carry a distinctive utilitarian aura like this charming 1967 baby blue Nissan Patrol.

We’ve all been there, thinking about buying a spartan off-roader to experience the simple joys of driving on every terrain. This is why cars like the Land Rover Defender are suddenly increasing their value in the used car market, or this is what we like to think it’s the case.

This particular 1967 Nissan Patrol is not one of the most popular choices in the realm of vintage, tough go-anywhere vehicles, but this doesn’t mean that it’s a bad choice, if you know a thing or two about this kind of motoring.

The seller had it in his possession for the last 10 years and is the second owner. The clocks are reading 73,461 miles while the body is solid with only some surface rust and that great blue paint said to be original. Under the hood, there is the original straight-six 4.0-litre petrol engine which is advertised to be in very good mechanical condition.

Mated to a three-speed manual gearbox with a working hi-low range 4WD, the engine is said to start every time without any problems. This Nissan Patrol is equipped with a removable metal hardtop with a white roof which is the only part that was resprayed at some point. The fatter tires and wheels only add to the general toughness of the vehicle.

The interior is as simple as interiors can be, featuring a very nice patina that matches the used condition of the exterior. And it still has the cool stock steering wheel. The front bench and rear seats look in great condition which should mean that they’ve been reupholstered in the recent past.

Overall this Nissan Patrol looks like a nice, clean example that can be driven away and enjoyed right now. The original black plates and a clean California title are also present. The car is currently auctioned on Bring A Trailer, with less than a week left to decide which one is going to get it next. Find the listing over here.