Kuhl Racing Engraved Nissan GT-R Revealed

The most visually-complex Nissan GT-R ever created was unveiled by Kuhl Racing ahead of the Tokyo Auto Salon 2016.

You’d might be surprised but this isn’t Kuhl’s first engraved GT-R, as the Japanese tuner already has a chrome variant of the Godzilla in its curriculum. This new version, though, comes with a gold spray finish over the chrome paint, a solution which makes it look amazingly complex…and heavy on the eye, at the same time. Of course, the intricate shapes and patterns on its body are meticulously carved out by expert engravers into the custom body panels. Talk about devil’s in the details.

The body kit is unlike any you’ve probably seen on any GT-R as well, sporting widened wheel flares, a custom wing, massive front and rear bumpers with huge air ducts and a big diffuser masking an exhaust system that can be easily mistaken with a work of art.

Naturally, on a project of this magnitude, the 3.8-litre V6 was reworked as well, now sporting 820 hp with the help of two new turbochargers, and that twisted exhaust system with titanium mufflers.

Like it or not, this is a new customization approach for the GT-R, making it more of a statement-vehicle than an actual performer. Moreover, you can actually buy this car (if it doesn’t burn your retina), a as it will be offered sale by Kuhl at the Tokyo Auto Salon for an undisclosed price – for now.