Liberty Walk Teases Wide-Body McLaren 650S

Liberty Walk has made a name for itself by taking high-end supercars out of their comfort zone in the most Japanese way possible – widened fender flares, imposing body kits and aggressive stance.

In fact, the tuner’s style is reminiscent of the widened FIA GT-spec racing machines with a touch of street tuning culture.

So, it comes as no surprise that its take on the McLaren 650S looks a bit like a GT3 racer that has made it to the streets. After it’s swallowed lots of steroids, that is.

Sporting the tuner’s well-known visual enhancements, this 650S comes with widened fenders (which could be made from carbon fiber or fiber-reinforced-plastic), carbon fiber front lip, side skirts and a humongous wing completing the over-the-top look.

The project comes with the tuner’s favorite adjustable air suspension by airrex and, of course, ultra wide rims.