Owning A Supercar: Is Reality Just As Good As Fantasy?

If you thought that owning your dream car (usually a supercar) is a walk in the park, SOL is here to set us straight.

While this video may not be representative of everybody’s experience with supercar ownership, those who save up and buy their dream car tend to worry a lot more than those who have a garage full of raging bulls or prancing horses.

So would your supercar be the first thing you think about every morning? Probably not, but some mornings it would be, especially if you’re worried about where you left it or if you just got it and you’re still overly excited about it – let’s call it properly excited though.

You would definitely stress yourself out over things like alarms sounding or ground clearance issues and you would most certainly have to be OK with frequent trips to the gas station.

The approach to this issue is a bit humorous and exaggerated in the video, but you’d definitely fill it up a heck of a lot more often than you would your diesel Passat.

Then there’s the traffic issue but realistically speaking there are ways around that. Just put yourself in a position to avoid rush hour or take the subway and only drive your car at night and during weekends – it wouldn’t be that big of a compromise.

Besides, the Gallardo, honestly now, isn’t an ideal every-day supercar because of its gearbox especially. You’d much rather own a Huracan or an ultra-quick version of the more practical 911 like the Turbo, Turbo S or even Carrera 4S.


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