Production Version Of Hyunda’s Santa Cruz Pick-up To be Announced

Reports suggesting Hyundai’s Santa Cruz concept is heading to production have been around ever since the Korean car manufacturer presented the car at last year’s Detroit Auto Show.

But this time is different, as the model has apparently passed the “approval stage” and now everything left is for Hyundai to officially announce it. In an interview with Car Advice, when asked if the Santa Cruz will hit the showrooms anytime soon, Hyundai Motor America president and chief executive Dave Zuchowski, said just that:

“What’s the easiest way to say that? We’re waiting more for an announcement than we are for an approval, right? It hasn’t been officially announced yet. Our timing is not crossing our fingers and waiting for approval, it’s trying to figure out when we’re going to announce it.”

Even so, whether the Santa Cruz will be available worldwide or it will remain U.S. exclusive is – for now – a matter marked by a big question mark, even though Zuchowski seems eager to push it in other markets, especially as the car will share the same platform with the Tucson model:

“I’m not clear on the other markets, but from our perspective it’s a vehicle that will be exported to other markets.”

Mind you, styling-wise, the production variant of the Santa Cruz will be more tamed – dropping the humongous rims and concept-like elements. That said, Hyundai appears to be on fire, trying to take on a wide array of automotive niches and offer almost anything for everybody.