Tesla Model S Destroyed By Fire While At Norwegian Supercharger

On New Year’s Day, a 2014 Tesla Model S was destroyed by fire in Norway while charging at a Supercharger station.

The incident occurred about 130 miles from Oslo and is believed to be the very first fire involving a Tesla supercharger and comes on the back of a small handful of Model S fires in 2013 and 2014, although they didn’t relate to superchargers.

As reported by local TV station NRK, nobody was injured in the blaze and the electric automaker is investigating the incident.

Local fire crews had to douse the electric sedan with foam due to the risk of using water on the burning lithium-ion battery.

As shown, the Model S was completely destroyed by the fire. The only recognizable parts left are the B-pillars, wheels, elements of the floor and the frames of the two front seats.

Image via Elisabeth Grosvold/NRK