New Spot Details The Land Rover All Terrain Progress Control Technology

A luxury SUV with a modern look and off-road capabilities is the best way to describe the new Range Rover generation, but the fact is that the model is not exactly “fresh”.

It was introduced in its current shape back in August, 2012, and it successfully managed to replace its predecessor, being bigger, lighter and better overall.

Over the years, we have seen it in numerous situations, from driving across a paper bridge in China to being remotely controlled with a smartphone and even riding on premium wheels in various sizes and shapes.

However, this new video puts it to the test once again as it details it’s All Terrain Progress Control Technology, a “state of the art new system that enables drivers to set and maintain a steady speed when driving off-road“, as Land Rover states.

The system operates just like a traditional cruise control system and allows the driver to keep his / her concentration on the steering and finding a path, while the vehicle controls the engine and brakes to hold a steady and safe speed. The off-road technology functions between 2 and 30km/h (1-19mph) and it’s ideal for winter driving as well.