Yet Another Bespoke, Handcrafted Rolls-Royce

In the golden days of motoring, when coachbuilders where blossoming, there were very few identically Rollers on the streets, each one being tailored to suit its customer’s needs and preferences. Just like now…

Okay, maybe this was a crude oversimplification of proper coachbuilding techniques, especially as nowadays a “customization program” is nothing more than a service offered by the manufacturer which lets the customers fiddle with the car’s exterior/interior colors and some visual cues. That’s why a custom commissioned Rolls Royce Phantom will never be as valuable as a Hooper, Windovers or Van Rijswijik.

Anyway, that certainly won’t stop the British car manufacturer creating some unique style opportunities (as we’ve seen so many times), and this white example is the latest machine to sport a plethora of interesting exterior and interior details which make it more…unique.

The handcrafted car was delivered to Mr Michael Fux, the man who also ordered the bespoke Jade Rolls – Royce Wraith – a car that might’ve stick to your retina thanks to its Aequus Green and Cornish White color combo and Aequus Green interior.

This Phantom may look somewhat tamed on the outside – although a white, opulent Rolls Royce limousine can’t really look discrete – but its interior has the same quirky cues that made the Wraith a very exotic proposition.

So, expect heaps of green everything on the interior, including the steering-wheel and the wool carpets – which (amazingly) beautifully complements the white of the exterior with a pastel-like serenity.