LeBron James Takes On Another Of His Kia K900 Naysayers

Once again, NBA superstar LeBron James is going after those people who think he doesn’t drive his K900 – only this time, instead of his lawyers, as he jokingly did in the last ad, he’s using math.

His latest doubter said that there’s a “1,000% chance that there’s a 0% chance LeBron drives a KIA”. That’s a peculiar way to put it, but anyway.

If the KIA K900 can provide LeBron with the luxury he needs in order to commute from his house to the Quicken Loans Arena in downtown Cleveland, then who’s to say he doesn’t drive it – especially being the brand’s ambassador…

LeBron goes on answering his latest doubter a little bit differently, by proving that his equation doesn’t work mathematically. Seeing him turn to a math wiz working on the equation like he’s trying to solve the gravity problem from Interstellar is actually pretty funny.