5.9-Litre Cummins Diesel 1965 Ford Galaxie For Sale On Craigslist [w/Video]

When the third generation Ford Galaxie rolled off the production line in 1965, a diesel compression braking system was invented and patented by Clessie Cummins.

In other words, when the gasoline (Otto) powerplant was in full swing, 89 years after the first four-stroke engine was patented, in an era when car manufacturers experimented with humongous displacements, diesels were slowly starting to get implemented in the automotive industry.

So, to see a Galaxie with a 5.9 Cummins under the hood, instead of a 7.0-Litre (428 cu) Thunderbird V8, is very uncanny, but if you really want to find one, Craigslist is a great way to look for it.

And surprise, surprise, here it is; a 1965 Galaxie sporting a 1995 Cummins diesel engine looking for a new home. According to the current owner (the one willing to give the car away for $21,750), the Ford’s transmission has a manual valve body on it with a torque converter lock for overdrive, and the engine went through an extensive upgrade, now boasting north of 500 ponies, being described as a heck of a cool ride.

The seller also included a video with the vehicle on the move but don’t get alarmed by the excessive diesel fumes expelled by the hood exhaust because the man assures us that in normal driving conditions it behaves like a standard automobile. It all depends on your desire.