Armenian Wedding Looks Like A Mercedes-Benz G-Class Owners Meeting

Despite being in production in roughly the same form since 1979, the G-Class is still popular.

Even in Merc’s range, there are other, much more modern 4x4s that are definitely more suitable to drive if you’re not doing extreme off-roading.

Do its buyers care? Not one bit. The boxy shape is now a classic and, we guess, one of the reasons it is in high demand. Along with the three-pointed star, of course.

In a wedding that took place in Armenia, which was clearly attended by the upper-class (the Bentleys and S-Classes are a dead giveaway) there were no less than 25 G-Class models. Makes you wonder whether they were hired to transport the guests or if they are their own – in which case, they must be an Armenian G-Wagen Fan Club that’s somehow closely related to the newlyweds.

The good thing is that at least they got their tires dirty. The not-so-good? Most of the drivers either need a driving lesson, were overly excited or didn’t go easy on the liquor, as there are too many near-misses.