Aston Martin Lagonda Shooting Brake Is One Of A Kind Offering

A Lagonda is a fairly rare car, but this Shooting Brake is a true one-off collector’s item and it’s currently up for sale.

Based on a 1987 third-series model, this Shooting Brake bespoke conversion was built and designed by the Swiss Aston Martin Heritage Specialist Roos Engineering.

It took 3 years to finish, from 1996 to 1999, and it had Aston Martin’s approval. Special features include rear parking sensors and a four-speed automatic transmission, modified from the original three-speed unit.

The seller says that this unicorn has been kept in an immaculate condition throughout and the pictures support his claim. The Lagonda was always a nightmare to those who didn’t take good care of it, so it’s good to see one in a mint condition.

Rarity always, always comes with a price: in this case, no less than $420,000. Not sure if it’s fair, but it’s definitely square…