BAC Mono Updated With Wider Chassis For More Driver Space

The ultra-hardcore BAC Mono single seater will now gain a wider chassis which offers more interior room.

The new chassis offers extra space for the driver, making it easier to fit into this track-day warrior.

Exterior dimensions, weight and aerodynamics remain unchanged, thanks to the clever re-engineering of the chassis, which moved the sides of the tubular steel safety cell outwards, and the fitment of also new, slimmer side panels.

These changes translate into 25mm of extra space on either side with the new panels bringing another 3mm on both sides for a total of 56 mm extra width in the Mono’s cockpit. BAC took the decision of modifying the chassis after receiving feedback from its customers. The latter now have the option of new side panels made out of naked carbon fiber while each car is tailored precisely to its owner’s taste and needs, including a custom-fitted seat and steering wheel.

The Mono’s staggering performance remains the same, including a 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 170 mph.

“Every change we make to the Mono is aimed at improving it for our customers, and this upgrade is intended to make the most of the space for the driver”, said BAC co-founder Ian Briggs. “Thanks to the close relationship we enjoy with our customers, we are in regular dialogue with them and this change has come as a result of this. The changes will widen the appeal of the Mono, particularly as we expand into new markets such as America and the Far East.”