Bentley Wants To Start Targeting Younger Buyers

Things are evolving at Bentley following the launch of the Bentayga and the future introduction of a new sports car and as the firm grows, it will start targeting a younger range of customers.

While recently speaking with Autocar at the international launch of the Bentayga, design director Stefan Sielaff said that the company has to start considering younger buyers as it moves forward.

“To be absolutely clear, I don’t want to destroy the heritage of the brand or even harm it in any way, but as in all life we have to improve and take steps forward. That means making the brand and its products appeal to a younger audience, from wealthy 30-year olds upwards,” he said.

“It’s not about making change for the sake of it, but about finding ways to interpret what our customers want. We have a hugely international design team here – more than 20 nationalities – and we are an international brand, and we must reflect those tastes and aspirations in our products.”

Sielaff said that Bentley will continue to employ leading craftsmen to produce its models, even though production will ramp up significantly with the Bentayga and future models.

He also stressed that in a world where many automakers are filling the interiors of their models with more and more technologies, Bentley will never allow tech to dominate its vehicles, instead preferring to stay true to its analog heritage and opting to make new technologies discrete and “not domineering”.