Bentley’s Mulliner Division Planning Slew Of Special Editions

Following the launch of the Mulsanne Grand Limousine, Crew has signaled its intention to expand the bespoke Mulliner division.

The British company’s in-house bespoke arm has only created a handful of special edition models in the past. CEO Wolfgang Durheimer, though, says that it could be on the verge of a dramatic expansion, which could eventually create coachbuilt one-offs.

“Mulliner is an asset with a history nearly 500 years old, but it is not a well-known name and we must change that. It’s an asset, both for customers and for us to develop one-off ideas and see where they lead. It is somewhere exceptional ideas can take shape, and small scale ideas can be developed to larger scale ones”, Durheimer said.

When quizzed about whether Mulliner could soon create bespoke models, he said that if a custom wants something unique yet tasteful, they will try and make it a reality, as long as it doesn’t dramatically impact the aerodynamics, suspension or weight balance of the car.

“Anything that alters the aero, suspension or weight balance needs careful consideration – you can’t just play with these things in cars capable of 190mph.”

Story references: Autocar