Cadillac CT6 Vs Lincoln Continental: America’s Newest Luxury Models In A Visual Challenge

Cadillac and Lincoln recently unveiled their proposals for the luxury segment, but before challenging the market’s leaders and trying to compete with the Germans and Japanese, is it necessary for the American cars to clash with each other to prove which one is best?

Well, given that both cars tackle the same niche, most believe it’s mandatory, although each one uses its own distinctive recipe in order to appeal to a different type of customer.

Whereas the Cadillac doesn’t shy away from showing its rather Germanic approach, the Continental as an old school vibe somewhat reminiscent of the Lincolns of the past.

To further complicate things, both carmakers are currently pursuing a brand identity, but Cadillac’s take on the matter is more European-ized, as the company tries to implement similar design cues on all its models. In other words, Cadillac tries its best to make sure all of its products are recognizable as part of an extended family.

Lincoln, on the other hand, is following a different path, more American, if you will, with a more individual (quirky even) approach that separates the Continental from the rest of the range.

On the outside, the Cadillac has the interior cell pushed towards the rear wheels, thus bearing a shorter boot and a longer bonnet – a characteristic which emphasizes dynamism, found on most sports sedans on the market today.

In contrast, Lincoln uses the three box layout differently , focusing more on the passengers rather than performance; due to its transversely mounted engine layout, the car appears governed by a design that’s biased towards a front-wheel-drive car, leaving plenty of room for the interior (even though the Continental will be available with all-wheel-drive as well).

Frankly, the Cadillac has a better stance and proportions thanks to the fact that it’s based on a rear-wheel-drive platform, but some might be willing to overlook this aspect in favor of Lincoln’s take.

Like it or not, the Ford-owned company has introduced a lot of eccentric traits in the market along with the Continental, including the awkwardly positioned, but very intriguing, door handles. When it comes to the overall design, the automobile adopts more simple lines, highlighted by subtle details around its body. The CT6’s dynamic cuts and creases mask the model’s proportions (the CT6 is actually longer than a 7-Series) and its intricate lines make for a very interesting rolling sculpture, but the overall style is somewhat similar to that of its rivals, including Genesis.

Actually, the difference in customer approach and design philosophy between the two is even more noticeable in the interior, but it’s obvious that both manufactures matured enough to give its rivals a run for their money.

Like its exterior, the CT6’s cabin sports a dynamic dash and center console, uniting the armrest with the entire cluster in a gathering of different shapes, and materials. Lincoln’s cabin is more elegant, with a straight-to-the-point, no nonsense center console, while unlike the Cadillac, the automatic gear lever isn’t disrupting the flow of the center console.

While each one may appeal to a different kind of customer, that won’t stop us from asking our fellow Carscoopers, which one would you go for?

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