FCA Conducts Internal Review, Finds It Doesn’t Cheat On Emissions

In the aftermath of Volkswagen’s diesel emissions saga, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles decided to ensure its own cars are compliant.

The review found that diesel cars produced by the conglomerate aren’t installed with software to detect if they’re undergoing emissions testing.

It then issued a press release stressing the fact that its cars are fully comply with European regulatory limits and requirements.

On the back of these results, FCA is throwing its support behind new EU testing procedures tipped to better simulate real world driving conditions. Additionally, FCA says that from April 2016, it will update its Euro 6 calibrations to improve emissions performance in real driving conditions, in a move it says hasn’t been requested by any regulatory authorities.

Given FCA’s important new make-or-break launches, it’s important the company can rely on its diesel models to provide steady sales and profits.